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We have been gradually moving towards releasing a full tabletop war game. A game that takes place in a world where humanity is facing off against the armies of Cthulhu. We have run several Kickstarters to fund various aspects of the game but are now at the point where we want to take the plunge, finalize the game and move into full production! The miniatures have been designed, the rules have been made and the backstory is set. So it looks like we are ready to take the next step and fund the full release.

We are currently gathering the last of the production information needed to make sure we set the correct funding goal. The biggest piece of this is a question of what material the miniatures should be made from, resin or plastic. Both have their pros and cons but we want to hear what potential backers have to say. This is a critical question and we want to hear from you! We have setup a simple poll and hope you will participate and help guide the development of the game. The poll is made to be quick and simple but if you have more you want to say feel free to email us or reach out on one of our social media channels!

What material do you prefer your gaming miniatures to be made from?

Tee Shirts and Hoodies!!

I am a huge fan of cool Tee Shirts and always looking for something new and different. So I think it is only a natural progression to make my own shirts now that I have my own company. These will not all be directly related to Slumbering Oblivion but will likely all be Cthulhu related. In the past the issue with having shirts was the startup costs, buying inventory, making sure you have all the rights sizes, various styles, etc. etc. But now there are print on demand solutions available through online companies such as Tee Spring. I can upload designs and assign styles then they take care of the rest. So all my shirts will be sold through my Tee Spring store and not the store on this site. So if you would like a shirt just click on the following link:

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What is Slumbering Oblivion? In it’s current form, Slumbering Oblivion is a new line of 32mm scaled miniatures influenced by the works of HP Lovecraft and his Cthulhu mythos. The future will be a fully realized tabletop scifi/horror war game where you can pit the minions of Cthulhu against the advanced warriors of humankind.

It is based on the premise that the works of HP Lovecraft were not purely fiction, but based on the horrible reality that Cthulhu is real. This is the reason why we know more about the surface of the moon than our own oceans. And the truth behind many sightings of mysterious sea creatures that have been reported as long as humans have recorded history such as the Kraken, Leviathan and sea serpents.  However, forces had worked for millennia to suppress this knowledge from the world. Secret powers influencing and directing mankind away from the ocean. But eventually mankind’s greed for the wealth beneath the ocean floor proved too much and that which should have remained hidden was uncovered. And now mankind is in a war, not just for the planet, but for its very survival as a species. A prospect that will prove impossible should Cthulhu awaken and stride forth from his city of R’lyeh.