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What is Slumbering Oblivion? In it’s current form, Slumbering Oblivion is a new line of 32mm scaled miniatures influenced by the works of HP Lovecraft and his Cthulhu mythos. The future will be a fully realized tabletop war game where you can pit the minions of Cthulhu against the advanced warriors of humankind.

It is based on the premise that the works of HP Lovecraft were not purely fiction, but based on the horrible reality that Cthulhu is real. This is the reason why we know more about the surface of the moon than our own oceans. And the truth behind many sightings of mysterious sea creatures that have been reported as long as humans have recorded history such as the Kraken, Leviathan and sea serpents.  However, forces had worked for millennia to suppress this knowledge from the world. Secret powers influencing and directing mankind away from the ocean. But eventually mankind’s greed for the wealth beneath the ocean floor proved too much and that which should have remained hidden was uncovered. And now mankind is in a war, not just for the planet, but for its very survival as a species. A prospect that will prove impossible should Cthulhu awaken and stride forth from his city of R’lyeh.

Kickstarter Success!!

The first Kickstarter for this project was a great success! There are 161 backers that contributed not only funds but also a large measure of trust. Being a new company with a new line of miniatures, I was not sure what type of reception to expect. In the back of your mind you always hope the project might go completely mental and raise some crazy amount of money. Then there is the other end of the spectrum where you feel like there might not be enough interest and the project will fail. I think where we ended up was perfect. First, because it was a success and funded (duh). Second, because it is not too large a number of backers that would make fulfilling the rewards a nightmare. And finally, because all the miniatures that funded are ready to be cast which will mean getting these into backers hands in very short order.

Once all of the backers rewards have been sent out I will be adding the figures to the online store inventory and make them available for purchase through this site. The store will be up in a few days but the inventory will show everything as sold out. I will add inventory once the backers rewards have gone out. This way they get their miniatures first, which is only fair as they helped make this a reality. Which is also another reason I want to get the rewards out as soon as possible.

So keep an eye out for the store opening. I will send out an announcement to everyone that has subscribed to the newsletter and also include it on my social media accounts. If you haven't subscribed there is a box at the bottom of this page where you can input your email address and be put on our list.  In the meantime, here is a list of all the miniatures that were made possible through the Kickstarter: