Kickstarter II - Coming soon

On the heels of the completion of our first Kickstarter we are happy to announce that the Slumbering Oblivion Kickstarter II will be launching soon! This one will be slightly different in that it will be focused pretty much around one item, the Avatar of Cthulhu.

This is not your average 'miniature'. In fact, I'm not sure it can be categorized as a miniature in the traditional sense. This is more like a sculpted statue!

Attached below is a picture of the Avatar. And that is not a typo on the scale chart. He is 15" / 380mm from the base to the top of his wings!! Why so big? Well...why not?? I always wanted a huge statue of Cthulhu and while there are many cool versions around none of them ever met my personal vision. So I worked with Danny Cruz to get the concept art worked out and then with Roberto Chaudon to sculpt it. And the end result is something I am really happy with. So much so that I figured I would share it with the world.

Which leads to the next Kickstarter. I'm not sure how many die hard collectors are out there that want something this big so I figured a KS was the best way to find out. I have not set the final price yet as we are still working on the production costs but with that much resin being cast, it isn't going to be cheap. Once I have all the details worked out we'll launch the KS and see what happens. I haven't decided for sure yet but this may be a limited run as the production is complicated and it is not cheap to make. But we'll see how things go and what kind of demand there is.

Stay tuned for more information and the announcement for our go-live date on the Kickstarter. In the meantime, enjoy this image of the Avatar of Cthulhu.

James Russell