Kickstarter 2 Starts Thursday, November 15th!!

We are excited to announce that our second Kickstarter will launch on Thursday, November 15th at noon US Eastern Time.

It will feature the Avatar of Cthulhu as the main figure. This is a massive resin model that measures 15”/380mm tall from the base to the top of the wings. One of the largest Cthulhu ‘miniatures’ ever released.

In the picture you can see how it measures compared to a standard 32mm high figure. This is truly a massive piece. Expertly sculpted and detailed by Roberto Chaudon.

This will make an excellent centerpiece for any Cthulhu collection.

We will also be releasing the first two in a line of busts. The first is Nemesis, a Ghoul pack leader.

This is a highly detailed sculpt of a Ghoul as they appear in the world of Slumbering Oblivion. They are fearsome and strange beings that are covered in fur and scales with a dog like head and massive fangs.

This bust stands at 5.5”/140mm high and is cast in resin.

The second bust will be Commander Borisova of the human forces. She is from the former Russian Federation and now a warrior in the HADES armed forces that protect humanity.

She is a Genetically Engineered Cybernetic Soldier (GECS), part human and part machine. This sculpt depicts her with her favored close quarters weapons.

The sculpt is 5”/128mm tall and cast in resin.

These three pieces will all be available as part of the Kickstarter launching on November 15th. Depending on demand, these are expected to be limited releases so this might be the only chance to pick them up for quite some time.

As you can see the sculpting on all the pieces is finished and moulding completed. Similar to our first Kickstarter, we anticipate fulfillment to take place in short order once the Kickstarter completes. It all depends on demand. There will be Early Bird rewards so if you are interested and want to pick the pieces up at the best price and quickest delivery be sure to check in early once it launches!

James Russell