Monday we go live!

The Slumbering Oblivion Kickstarter is almost here and Monday, May 14th marks the beginning of the end!!

For thousands of years humanity thought itself the most advanced form of life on Earth and looked to the stars to discover if other forms of intelligence existed. But in the latter half of the 21st century a terrible truth was accidentally revealed. Mankind realized too late the simple truth that life on Earth is not unique and that the alien life sought after was much closer than any planet or star. Rather than looking up humans should have been looking down, beneath the waves.  For deep beneath the ocean in hidden cities is an abundance of life, all which serve a vast and terrible intelligence beyond human comprehension. An intelligence that has plans of conquest and domination of not only the Earth but the very reality in which it exists. This intelligence has many names but is most well know by the name Cthulhu. An entity thought to be fiction and myth but which is all to real. He sleeps in his city of R’lyeh beneath the waves and if he should awaken it will spell doom for all life on Earth. He is Slumbering Oblivion.

But that is a doom which lies somewhere in the future.  Between now and then humans are locked in a war with the heralds of Cthulhu, the vast hordes of creatures from myth and nightmare that serve him and make up his armies. Creatures of fearsome visage and terrible intellect which wield weapons ranging from claw and tentacle to powerful energy weapons, psychic ability and much more.

This is the world of Slumbering Oblivion. Where Earth is a planet wide battlefield and mankind has been beaten back to fortified inland cities and lunar colonies, fighting to survive just one more day.  

So join our Kickstarter on Monday, May 14th and help summon the beasts, cultists, spawn, and minions of Cthulhu to wreak havoc upon the last dregs of humanity and help usher them towards extinction.

James Russell