Post-Kickstarter Update


We are right around 6 weeks out from the conclusion of our first Kickstarter for the Slumbering Oblivion miniature line and game. It has been an interesting experience to say the least and so far very positive!

I am happy to report that 70 backer rewards have shipped and the remainder will be going out once the new castings are complete. I would estimate that will be another 6 weeks or so. Which means fulfillment will be complete well ahead of our December estimation!

So what is next? Well that is a good question. I have a few different options and will be deciding over the next few weeks. There are several artists working on quite a few things at the moment which gives me several choices. I could do another creature Kickstarter similar to the last with many of the creatures seen but not reached, or maybe start with the human army, or even do something...larger :) I'm going over my options now and will make another announcement soon on what is next.


I will also be enabling the online store in the coming weeks. There you will be able to purchase any of the miniatures unlocked so far and perhaps some new items as well. So if you missed the Kickstarter you will be able to gain access to the miniatures soon.  The store is all set up and ready. The only thing keeping me from turning it on is inventory which is in the process of being cast now. So my best estimate on the store going live will be 4-6 weeks.

I think that is all the news for this post.  I will leave off with a picture of some excellent painted Elite Deep Ones by White Metal Games. They were even able to magnetize the hands for easy weapon switching! I am very happy with their works so would recommend them to anyone looking for some professional painting.

deep 11.jpg
James Russell