A question for you...

We have been gradually moving towards releasing a full tabletop war game. A game that takes place in a world where humanity is facing off against the armies of Cthulhu. We have run several Kickstarters to fund various aspects of the game but are now at the point where we want to take the plunge, finalize the game and move into full production!

The miniatures have been designed, the rules have been made and the backstory is set. So it looks like we are ready to take the next step and fund the full release.

We are currently gathering the last of the information needed to make sure we set the correct funding goal. The biggest piece of this is a question of what material the miniatures should be made from, resin or plastic.
Both have their pros and cons but we want to hear what potential backers have to say. So we have setup a poll:

What material do you prefer for you gaming miniatures?
James Russell