10 Days left in the Kickstarter

As of this writing we are into the last third of the Kickstarter with 10 days left. Right now we are 77% funded and I am confident we'll get the rest of the way there this week. If you haven't visited the KS lately be sure to check it out here: Slumbering Oblivion Kickstarter

There are a lot more miniatures available since we started as well as new pledge levels!

If you're someone who wants to know more about the world of Slumbering Oblivion and the history behind it then be sure to check out the updates on the Kickstarter. There are regular postings around the history of the world, weapons utilized by the enemy and even a comic to give a flavor of the characters and world they inhabit. These will all be added to the site once the KS ends but if you want to see the info as it becomes available be sure to follow the KS...and pledge of course! :)

Here are a few images of some painted miniatures. This here is the Murguba.


And this is a diorama of several of the painted miniatures on the battlefield to give a feel for what a battle with Cthulhu's host might look like.

So join us and the nearly 100 backers on the Kickstarter so we can make this line a miniatures and game a reality!

James Russell