We have reached our funding goal!

Passed our funding goal!!

A bit late to the news section here but we reached our funding goal on the Kickstarter a couple of days ago!!  As of this writing we are 138% funded with $13,898 pledged. I'm hoping we can exceed $15,000 before the KS ends on 6/13 at 9pm Eastern Time (US).


A Kickstarter is a rollercoaster ride of emotion.  In one moment you're ecstatic to have passed funding and see the numbers go up. Then you get backers that drop out and the number goes back down. And it all get's more hectic in the last few days! So we're still in a place where anything can happen but crossing our fingers we keep going up!!  Spread the word, tell your friends and back if you can!

I've had some wonderful support from the community.

We still have a few days left but wanted to make sure I mentioned the folks that have been supportive or just sharing the news and info.

There will be another update in a few days, probably once the KS ends. Unless something unusual happens before then!


James Russell