Use the HATE

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, GECS are assigned armor once they are cleared for active duty. There are three types that can be assigned. They are all part of the HARM (HAdes ARmor) battle suit system. GECS are trained in the use of all HARM battle suits but typically specialize in one type.

The first type is the light armor for rapid engagements, recon and other similar missions and it is called an IRE suit, short for Interdiction and Rapid Engagement. This is the suit shown in the last two updates.

The next suit is heavier and standard for intense engagements and heavy street to street type of fighting. This is called the HATE suit which is an acronym for Heavy Armor Tactical Elite. This is a much heavier suit than the IRE but the trade-off is in speed.

The final HARM variant is the SCORN battle suit which is essentially a walking battle tank. It has enormous firepower that can be customized for type of engagement and the thickest armor possible but is also the slowest of the three types. SCORN is short for Super-heavy Customizable Ordinance for Ranged Nullification.

To be continued…

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HATE Battlesuit

HATE Battlesuit

The attached image is some of the artwork for a HATE trooper. The models pose is one of those that will be available in the Kickstarter. The models come unpainted and will require assembly. The textured version is simply included to give an example of what a paint scheme might look like on a finished model.


James Russell