One of the most effective weapons in the enemy arsenal is their ability to instill fear and even after almost a century of fighting humans are still susceptible to this most basic of emotions. However, due to the constant fighting and exposure to the enemy, humans have developed a higher tolerance and are better able to control their emotions. The mere sight of a Deep One or similar common enemy is no longer a maddening experience but there are many enemies far worse and horrific than a simple Deep One and insanity and madness are not uncommon among civilians.

Standard infantry soldiers are better equipped than civilians to handle the horror and fear they face. Not simply due to their constant exposure but also through mental conditioning they endure during training.

For GECS, the fear resistance is is taken even further. They are not merely conditioned but also genetically engineered to resist fear. This does not make them immune but it takes a significant event or particularly horrific foe to raise their adrenaline and cortisol levels to a point that would activate their fight or flight response. Creatures that would cause a normal human to go insane and claw their own eyes out barely raises a GECS adrenaline level.

A GECS armor is also a defense against fear. When fully encased with the visor down they view their surroundings through their armors HUD. This shields them from direct viewing of some of the more horrific beasts that could cause fear or madness just by sight.

To be continued…

IRE Trooper Kneeling

IRE Trooper Kneeling

The attached image is some of the artwork for one of the IRE troops. The models pose is one of those that will be available in the Kickstarter. The models come unpainted and will require assembly. The textured version is simply included to give an example of what a paint scheme might look like on a finished model.


James Russell