HADES Rises...tomorrow!

I hope you have enjoyed some of the background details that we’ve gone over this week as we lead up to our next Kickstarter. If all continues as planned that will launch tomorrow at noon eastern time US.

The initial goal for the Kickstarter will be to fund a 5 unit squad of GECS for our forthcoming game, Slumbering Oblivion. Right now we have many of the Cthulhian miniatures complete (which you can see here: https://reclusivephoenix.com/store ) but now we need to fund their human counterparts.

The initial squad are just some of many miniatures that we hope to unlock for the human army. The better the funding, the more units we can make available (infantry, robots, psychics, etc), more pledge levels we can reveal and there may even be some additional enemies that show up… It all depends how well the funding goes.

So please keep any eye out tomorrow for the launch of our Kickstarter and be among the backers that help make Slumbering Oblivion a reality. This is the continuation of a dream to create a war game mashup of scifi and the horrors of the Cthulhu mythos. It is a dream that started many years back but began gaining momentum 11 months ago with our first Kickstarter. Now with two successfully funded and delivered Kickstarters, we are ready for the next step, the human army. And once this is complete it will just be down to finalizing the rules, which are in play testing now. And if all continues to go as planned those will be ready a little later this year.

But first things first, let’s get the human army funded and make as many miniatures available as possible for the full game launch. So be on the lookout tomorrow for our Kickstarter announcement and I hope to see you there as a backer!


James Russell