3D Objects - Batch #1

3D Objects - Batch #1


Here is a batch of small 3D objects in STL format and ready for printing. This first batch includes:

  1. Barrel

  2. Bench (3 Parts)

  3. Crate

  4. Fire Hydrant

  5. Military Box

  6. Small Street Pole

  7. Stop Sign

  8. Storage Locker

  9. Television

  10. Traffic Cone

  11. Vault Door

These are all scaled for 30-32mm in their current form. They can however be scaled to whatever size you need in your 3D printer software.

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This is a set of 11 STL files in one .zip file.

By downloading this file you agree to only use it for personal use and not share or sell the files or associated prints from them. These are only intended for personal use.