New Items in our store

We have added a couple of new items for sale on our website and Teespring store.

Files for 3D printing

The first item is a digital download for those who are into 3D printing and looking for some files. The download is a zip file containing 11 different 3D models in STL format. The models are an assortment of small items that can be used for scenery in a diorama or added detail to your tabletop battlefield. Here is a picture of the items that are included in this first batch:

As you can see it is kind of a random assortment of small items. They are all natively scaled for 32mm models and games but most 3D printing software can scale it to any size you want. This is just the first foray into 3D models and if there is interest more will be coming. You can find this digital item in our store here:

New T-Shirt

We have also added a new t-shirt to our Teespring store. This time we are adding a shirt for charity and 50% of all profits will go directly to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for breast cancer. It is called Cthulhu for a Cure. Now why in the world would Cthulhu possibly care about cancer and its impact on human lives? Well, because there is only room for one ‘Big C’ in this world and that’s reserved for Cthulhu alone and any challengers to that title must be eradicated!

This is a different kind of shirt in that it utilizes an all-around type of print on the front and back. Here is a look at the shirt:

I like this shirt a lot and think it is our best design so far! It features artwork by Danny Cruz and Greg Semkow and wraps around the whole shirt. If you or anyone you know has ever been impacted by breast cancer, or just cancer in general, you know how devastating it can be. Buying one will not only get you a cool shirt but also donate to a worthy cause.


James Russell